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work-life audit

1:1 program


Work-Life harmony sounds great… but not sure you can create it with your busy schedule? Yes you can!

Rediscovering your personal interests, effectively communicating what you bring to the table, and creating a road map are the first steps in reducing stress, finding fulfillment, and living better.

This program was created for administrative professionals who are:

  • on the verge of burn-out

  • overwhelmed with their ‘to-do’ list

  • want to get clear on their goals

  • looking for simple steps they can start taking right away

After the program, you will receive your personalized Work-Life Audit PDF, including:

  • a holistic audit of your life right now

  • your personal definition of harmony

  • clear goals

  • actionable steps to success

some topics we can cover in our sessions:

  • Time Management

  • Communication & Relationships

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Developing Your Career Path

  • Goal Mapping