Pink Collar?

The term “pink-collar” originated in the early 1970’s to refer to jobs typically held by women. Back then, the most common profession for women was “secretary or administrative assistant”. It still is today.

The role has evolved over the years. Administrative assistants are more than just secretaries. They are gatekeepers, decision makers, strategic planners, and multitaskers. Long hours and around the clock availability is often required.

Pink Collar Coaching aims to empower women in today’s fast-changing work culture with tools and resources to establish their own personal measure of success and influence the opportunities available to them.

Alice Livermore, CAPP, APPC

Alice Livermore, CAPP, APPC

Hi, I’m Alice.

I’m highly organized, intelligent, energetic, friendly, a quick learner, able to manage changing priorities, and have a high level of attention to detail.

Boring! Let’s try that again…

I’m a soulful, adventure-loving bookworm. When I’m not out climbing pyramids or exploring sacred monkey forests, you can most likely find me at home playing fetch with my dog, Sylvester. I enjoy spending time with loved ones and practicing my craft skills (macrame anyone?)

Getting closer. Writing a bio is hard.

My calling has always been to help other people. That’s what pulled me to work as an executive assistant. I loved being a trusted, reliable member of a team and making life easier for my colleagues.

Coaching is a natural extension of that calling. My professional experience, psychology education, and natural empathy allows me to provide valuable guidance and support for my clients.

I am a positive psychology practitioner, resilience trainer, and life coach certified by The Flourishing Center. I bring the latest research and science-based tools into my practice.

My favorite positive psychology misconception? It’s not all about happy. In fact, it’s tools to help us “struggle well”. Learning to manage our emotions allows us to show up in the world the way we want to.

I am passionate about supporting professional women. You are smart, driven, and incredibly capable. My mission is to empower you to create harmony, live inspired, and flourish.


I believe

Work-life harmony empowers women to get clear on their goals and create an actionable success plan.

Leadership and resilience skills are essential to thriving at work and in life.

“Living your best life” is not reserved for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.